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Wasted Spaces

I just read an amazing article about how cities are figuring out how to redeem the “wasted spaces” beneath highway overpasses and turn them into opportunities to experience beauty like this photo from Houston, Texas.

This got me thinking. What areas in our lives have been broken, abandoned, ignored, and left to waste? What dark alleys or underpasses in our stories would we rather leave untold and unexplored? Be honest. We all have them.

Jesus wants to take those dark, dreary, and regretfully wasted times in our lives and redeem them; turn them into something beautiful. He can do that.

If we give him our lives, yes even the ugly, “don’t go there” places, he will go to work and bring things to life that we never thought possible. We will see beauty rise from ashes. It will be permanent and only grow more radiant with time.

The truth is there are no wasted spaces in our lives if we bring them to Jesus. The best is yet to come.


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