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Explore the meanings of life and faith
without feeling judged or dismissed. 

Whether we admit it or not, we often wrestle with questions about life and faith. We can find ourselves directionless, discontent, or defensive in our most vulnerable moments because we haven't answered them.


How can we know WHAT or WHOM to believe? 

If everyone believes something different, how can we know what WE think is true?

Beginning in January, we are creating a Communi-D called GOD CONVERSATIONS. It's a gathering of CMs who want to think and talk about God, faith, and purpose. And there's a place for everyone, from the curious to the skeptical.

Every gathering includes a meal, enjoyable conversation, a short and simple talk about the theme of the evening, and plenty of time for questions and discussion. 

There is no question too simple or too complex. We welcome them all. Every gathering flows with love and respect for everyone participating. You can be yourself and share from your heart.

Each month we introduce a new theme/topic. We will host a meeting every week with the same topic of the month, allowing you the opportunity to participate at least once a month.


(Home of Steven and Lucia Barr—12 min from Flamingo Crossing; message for address)

ONLINE - THURSDAYS  15:00-16:30

(Zoom; message for details)


(Plus d'informations à venir)

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