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You are unique—with your own set of fingerprints, DNA, and other wonderful attributes. However, many Cast Members are unaware of what makes them special. You may have wondered the same about yourself. Everyone possesses talents, passions, and strengths, but none quite like yours.

To help you uncover what makes you unique, we've created SHINE - a new short-term CommuniD at Walt Disney World. Two separate sessions will be held every Wednesday in September, one at 10 am and the other at 8 pm, so that you can participate regardless of your work schedule.​

You can discover your unique strengths through an assessment, process, and celebrate the results with others in your CommuniD. We will show you how to start operating from your strengths, identify a career path that feeds your passion, and integrate it all into your resume. 

SHINE CommuniDs meet for four weeks at Starbucks (Flamingo Crossings). Each group is limited to eight participants, and there is no cost. Contact us to reserve your place and indicate which CommuniD (Wednesday 10 AM or Wednesday 8 PM) you choose.


Join us and see how your life can change in just four weeks.

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