Many of our former CMs choose to remain involved with us even though they are far away from WDW.  Our shared experiences, while working at Disney, have formed an unbreakable bond. There is an immediate and undeniable connection with each other because we all have "mouse blood" in our veins.


God has inspired an innovative expression of Cast Member Church on a global scale.

We invite you into a network of former Cultural Representatives who are looking to be encouraged and to be an encouragement to others. We have formed online groups, including everything from 1-to-1 online mentoring to CRP "CommuniDs" of 4-6 people, who come together virtually from all over the globe. Our CommuniDs include former CRPs in the UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mexico, France, Canada, and beyond.


And there's room for you as well.

We call this network, CMC: Global, the next dimension of Cast Member Church. It's a brilliant opportunity for former CMs from different backgrounds, cultures, and even languages, to meet online (at least once a week) as a family to discuss, process, and work through the things of life, faith, and purpose.

CMC: Global is just the beginning. We keep moving forward, inspired by those just like you, who want to connect with God, with one another, and share in each others' life adventures.

If you are a former CRP who would like to be part of this adventure, contact us, and we will respond to you right away. 

Cast Member Church is not recognized, endorsed, or supported by The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries.


Cast Member Church is a member of The Evangelical Free Church of America and The Creo Collective.