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Keep Your Eyes On The Conductor

Feeling pulled in a hundred different directions?

Try stepping back and looking at your life from God's perspective. He sees those hundred different directions at the same time, much like a conductor of an orchestra.

If every instrument were to play at full volume at the same time, it wouldn't be pleasant at all. In fact, it would be a lot of noise. But the Maestro knows exactly when to cue each section to come in and precisely when to cut off; how much to crescendo and when to play as soft as a falling feather.

He knows his arrangement inside and out.

Don't let the screams for attention distract you from keeping your eyes on the Conductor. Trust his arrangement and his direction. Your day will become a beautiful work of art, no matter your circumstance.

Lord, help me to keep my eyes on you. May I resist the temptation to let all of life overwhelm me all at once. Give me your grace and provision to do what you lead me to do for THIS day. I will not worry about tomorrow, because you have already written those pages and I trust you with them.

Today, I will follow the lead of my Maestro; my Master, and play your arrangement as you direct.



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