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"...without hindrance."

I find a fascinating use of two words in the final verse of the book of Acts. The Apostle Paul was under house arrest, and yet it says, “He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!” - Acts 28:31 "...without hindrance." Confined to a house (at his own expense), Paul was not deterred one bit. His Kingdom Influence survived. In fact, it flourished. In these times of uncertainty, the Church has the opportunity to thrive...without hindrance. The Good News of Jesus is not hindered by the absence of a building, the absence of a budget, or the absence of butts in the seats. What the Good News DOES require is a word that is intentionally used (and often overlooked) in that last verse: “boldness”. Boldness (in this context) simply means to set aside the fear of rejection and gracefully share what you have been freely given. Here are three examples: To love those vastly different from you is to be bold. To speak truth to those who doubt is to be bold. To express compassion for the discarded is to be bold. Boldness carried on the breeze of the Holy Spirit cannot be hindered. Like Paul, you have everything you need to have a Kingdom Influence in this world. Let it be said of you—regardless of your circumstances—that you “shared the Good News of Jesus with all boldness and without hindrance.” It’s not a bad way to be remembered.


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