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Too Far Gone?

He hated Christians with a deep, dark passion. He did everything in his power to destroy them. His objective was clear: to obliterate anything or anyone connected with Jesus. With the obsession of a mad man, he made it his mission to bring an end to this movement around this so called, "messiah."

And yet... his zeal for Christian annihilation could not compare to his later zeal for the advancement of the message of Jesus Christ. His life was transformed from one end of the spectrum to the other. Paul even ended up writing the majority of the New Testament. What happened?

There was NEVER a time when he was outside the reach of God's saving grace.

REMEMBER: Those who revile and ridicule Jesus are never beyond Christ's redemptive power. In fact, they may be much closer than you think. NEVER, ever reject them or write them off. Instead, love them; pray for them; never stop demonstrating the character of Jesus to them.

They could become the next champion of the Cross.

It happens more often than you think.


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