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Isolation Preparation

When God calls you, He will first move you away from human affirmation.

Every person in the Bible, at one point, was confined to an isolated or insulated place for preparation; a desert, a cave, a prison, a foreign land, and even in the stomach of a fish. The goal was not for them to die in lockdown or see their vision terminated. Quite the contrary; They were being prepared to become utterly dependent upon God. Then at the appointed time, they would become the instrument of His choice to bless their contemporaries. The same is true for you. Don't resist times of forced isolation. Jesus is drawing you close so that you will recognize His voice, even when He whispers. Like those who have gone before you, He is preparing you for a Kingdom Influence. Embrace these moments. My wife, Lucia, calls this quarantine, ”a gift of time.” Let's use this gift to come near to Jesus and ask Him to reveal Himself in new and meaningful ways.


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