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Have you ever noticed how much we compartmentalize our lives?

Work life; social life; Disney life, church life; prayer life; family life; etc. Yet God doesn't see the lines we draw to make those separations.

It's ALL ONE thing to him; no compartments. There isn't an on/off switch for following Jesus.

He values your role at work as much as your involvement in church. God calls you to invest in and influence your coworkers as much as you invest in and influence your friends and family.

You are His child EVERYWHERE you go; in EVERYTHING you do.

You are His chosen ambassador and agent AT ALL TIMES.

Lord, we invite you to break down these walls; walls that we build to separate and secure one area of our lives from another. We give you the freedom to flow into every corner of our existence. Fill us to overflowing, so that in ALL THINGS and at ALL TIMES, the identity and authority you have so generously given to us through Jesus will spill and splash upon every moment of every day. Amen.


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