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A Morning Cuppa and Jesus

Every morning cup of tea is different. I may make it the same way every day, but it varies each time in strength, sweetness, and richness. Of course, that never keeps me from making my morning cuppa.

Why? Because I love tea.

Daily prayer is like that. Every morning can feel different when I pray. Sometimes it can be a powerful conversation with Jesus, leaving me in awe. Other times with Him can be simple, gentle, and sweet. There are also moments when His manifest presence can seem so subdued that I wonder if I am talking to myself. Of course, I know I’m not, but it can certainly feel that way sometimes.

If we expect our conversations with Jesus to be exactly the same every time, what kind of relationship would that be? They would become so predictable that we would simply take them for granted. That would be terrible, considering we are conversing with the Creator of the universe.

No matter how my tea tastes this morning, I am certain that I will drink another cup tomorrow.

Why? Because I love tea.

No matter how my prayers “feel” today, I am sure I will spend quality time with Jesus tomorrow.

Why? Because I love much more than tea.


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