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We strive to ensure that all Cast Members feel seen and heard, regardless of what they may be experiencing in their lives. No CM should ever feel invisible or isolated.


We have created "listening spaces" where Cast Members gather, such as coffee houses, restaurants, and other convenient locations. All you have to do is look for someone who has a small hand-made sign in front of them that reads, "willing to listen." These spaces provide a secure and supportive environment where individuals can share their thoughts and feelings about their pain, anger, sadness, stress, joy, aspirations, and ambitions.

We want Cast Members to feel valued when we take the time to listen actively. Rather than offering correction or criticism, we ask questions to help someone process clearly.

If you're a Cast Member interested in becoming a listener, we offer training that can have a significant impact on another CM's life. It's easy to learn, and we'd be happy to provide more information. Just let us know.

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