"The culture of our mission field is a decade ahead of what most churches currently see in the world around them. This insight means we can bring our experience to you and provide proven principles to empower you to become a church of irresistible Kingdom Influence for years to come." - Steven L. Barr



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Deep inside, we each desire to make a difference in this world. We long to be part of an adventure that matters. This desire does not exist by accident. It was planted deep within by the One who created us.

Like any compelling story, you have a quest to fulfill. The Creator of the universe designed you for a unique mission to carry His Kingdom Influence into a broken and hurting world. This call, however, presents challenges to be overcome.

What if one simple, yet profound tool could help propel you into your God-given adventure? What if it could embolden you to move past the doubt, fear, and or regret that seeks to hold you back? What if this tool could enable you to wield a Kingdom Influence like never before?

A GUIDE TO A LIFE BEYOND IMAGINATION introduces you to the Quest Compass, a simple, three-step discipling tool which keeps you pointed in the right direction throughout the course of your adventure. By applying the Quest Compass, you'll discover the clarity to hear God above all other voices in your life, the courage to follow Jesus through any challenge that stands in your way, and the confidence to keep moving forward, no matter what. You are not alone on your journey. You have what it takes to be a light to the world wherever you go.


July 2022


Three Proven Keys to Revealing Jesus in a Skeptical and Suspicious World.

Today’s churches strive to promote their relevance amidst ever-shifting cultures. However, society increasingly views Christians as being forceful with their perspectives, masking their doubts and fears, and fiercely criticizing those who think or believe differently. In a world of skepticism and suspicion, something in us must change. If we want others to know Jesus, our lives must be proof that He is worth meeting.

KINGDOM INFLUENCE introduces you to the lessons learned from:

A ministry in the heart of the most influential entertainment enterprise in the world.
A mission field where the vast majority have never touched a Bible in their lives.
A movement multiplying across six continents without a building or staff. 

KINGDOM INFLUENCE introduces you to stories leading to three “key” principles which fuel the Kingdom Influence of Cast Member Church throughout The Walt Disney Company. Along the way, you’ll discover how you can reveal Jesus to others through everyday interactions—with nothing to prove, nothing to hide, and nothing to fear.


Early 2023

IRRESISTIBLE(In a World of Indifference) 

Nine Heart Pivots That Shape a Culture of Kingdom Influence

Discover and implement nine proven pivots that will equip and empower your church to become irresistible in a world of indifference and cynicism. Regardless of your theology or current methodology, you will find these shifts beneficial to your mission because they all take place in the heart.

You and your church can have a powerful Kingdom Influence that makes you irresistible to those you encounter because they will be discovering the irresistible Jesus living within you.


Late 2023


A Parable About Fear, Love, and the Meaning of Life

Sam's friends are confused and concerned. As a young boy in a small coastal fishing town, Sam leaves his home every morning to take his little motorboat out beyond the horizon. He takes no fishing pole, bait, or tackle. Every evening he returns without any fish, yet he smiles from ear to ear.

No one can figure out what Sam is up to. Has he found a shipwreck, cave, or something sinister he is keeping to himself? Someone is determined to discover what is going on. But will the grave danger beneath the waves be worth finding out?

—SCHEDULE (so far)—

March 7-11
Exponential Conference;
Orlando, FL

March 30-April 1
Fresh Expressions National Gathering;
Richmond, VA

April 9-10
Live Oaks Community Church;
The Villages, FL

May 16-26
London, England

July 5-9
Life Conference;
Orlando, FL

September 5-9
Creo Collective;
Los Angeles, CA

November 2-4
First Impressions Conference;
Charlotte, NC

November 4-5
Church Communications Conference;
Charlotte, NC

November 7-10
Cast Member Church European Gathering;
Paris, France

February 3-5 (2023)
Lake Morton Missions Conference
Lakeland, FL

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