We are an innovative---albeit imperfect---community exploring what it means to know and follow Jesus. We are members of a family who are deeply committed to each other, no matter what. We are agents on a mission to bring a Kingdom influence to the world around us. We are not about the mouse, the magic, or the make-believe; we are about those behind the mouse, the magic, and the make-believe, who wrestle with the issues of life, faith, and purpose. 


And there's always a place at our table just for you. 


We are a family of FAITH...

We know the world in which we work is a show and nothing is what it seems to be.


Many see Jesus the same way: a make-believe character or certainly someone with no relevance to the reality of our everyday lives. 


However, Jesus wasn’t make-believe; he is real, and he is relevant today.


He loves those everyone else thinks are unlovable.

He stands up for those who can't defend themselves.

He doesn't ask anyone to clean up his or her life before he accepts them.

He opposes religiosity, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, and oppression.

His compassion runs deep for those who admit they feel far from God.

He sees the true value of each and every person, no matter how broken they feel.

He promises a life of immeasurable purpose to anyone who is willing to trust him.

We invite you to learn for yourself who Jesus really is and find out why he matters so much to us. We don’t have all the answers. We wrestle with doubts. We ask questions. But we stumble forward on this journey together as we learn what faith in Jesus really means.


We are a family of TRUST 

Most of us have a circle of fellow CMs---co-workers, roommates, etc.---we like to spend time with. Eventually, they become close friends. But even with close friends, we are tempted to keep our true selves hidden. We withhold certain aspects of our lives for fear of being ridiculed or worse, rejected. We all desire something more; relationships in which we can be fully known and accepted. Where we don’t have to hide our fractures and failures, and we are loved unconditionally. That’s how it's supposed to be.


And that's why we always refer to Cast Member Church as a "family."  


We eat together...a lot.

We put the needs of others ahead of our own. 

We always operate in love, truth, mercy, and grace.

We are there for each other, even when it’s inconvenient or messy.

We find a reason to celebrate anything...and we mean AN---Y---THING. 

We are honest about our past and present struggles because no one judges.

We invite God to work through us, regardless of our weaknesses and failures.

We encourage and challenge each other to live and love more and more like Jesus.


Our Cast Member Church family welcomes you as you are, including your questions, doubts, and even unbelief. You are made in the image of your Creator and incredibly precious to Him. That makes you incredibly precious to us.


Be a part of our family and experience real trust you can count on.


We are a family with a little bit of PIXIE DUST. 

We are surrounded by 47 square miles of magic. But we also know the realities of life faced by every person who works for the mouse. So let's be honest; every one of us is screwed up in some major way...and for some unexplainable reason, Jesus chooses us anyway to be his representatives in the Cast Member culture. 


He calls us the “light of the world,” sending us to our fellow Cast Members as his emissaries and agents of hope. He wants us to be His hands and his feet; to look with his eyes and listen with his ears, and to be his reflection so that others can experience him up close and personal.


He wants us to love others as he has loved us; unconditionally.


For this reason, we invest ourselves in the lives of those around us, highlighting the hope and joy they could experience from knowing Jesus in a real and personal way. 


It isn't rocket science. We simply choose to live beyond ourselves so that those who work with us can encounter Jesus for themselves.  

Who knows where God will lead us on this adventure? One thing we know for sure is that it will be beyond anything we could ask for or imagine.







Cast Member Church is not recognized, endorsed, or supported by The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries.


Cast Member Church is a member of The Evangelical Free Church of America and The Creo Collective.

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