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We believe...

For Christians, our beliefs are like opening a treasure chest and pondering the splendor and wonder of the various contents. For us, each doctrine (truth) is like a jewel containing unfathomable beauty.  The more we examine it, the more in awe we become.  Though the explanation of each of these beliefs only scratches the surface, we hope that you will find them to be encouraging and inspiring a desire to learn more.  Simply click on a doctrine button and you can explore the things that we have come to believe with the utmost confidence.

"In the beginning, God created..."  That's how the Bible begins and it's a good place for you to start as well.

It's the most read book in all of history.  There must be a reason.  See for yourself.  Better yet, read for yourself.

No one doubts that the world is in terrible shape.  Have you ever wondered about the reason why?

No other person in history has shaped the world like he has.  Maybe it's time to find out who he really is.

Most people see Jesus as a good man with some good ideas.  It's not true. Take a look at the real story.

It's easy to think that God is removed from all that is happening.  Actually, He is right in the middle of it.

No, it's not a building, an address, or a place to get married.  It's people who are changing the world.

Rules, do's and dont's, and not a lot of fun.  At least, that's what many think.  Guess again.

It's the best part of the adventure and it you won't believe how amazing it is going to be.

You're not created to be a bystander; you have a purpose that lasts for all of eternity. Are you ready for it?

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