Cast Member Church is launching a strategic expansion of its Kingdom influence and disciplemaking efforts in "gateway" cities around the world. 

This year, we have established 12 virtual CMC:Global CommuniDs, who come together online every week from all over the world. Facilitating a global network of CommuniDs seemed almost impossible in the beginning. Now it has become an invaluable asset to the form and function of Cast Member Church. It would be tempting to coast for a while. After all, it's been a difficult year for all of us.


But time and culture wait for no one; We must keep moving forward (or we will inevitably fall behind).


Our vision for 2021 is to visit these CommuniDs in-person and provide encouragement, equipping, and empowerment for them, their circle of friends, and their families. These up-close and personal investments will produce the fruit of our efforts over the last few years at Disney. We see 2021 as a launching pad for a disciplemaking movement that will seep into the cracks and crevices of many of the world's cultures for generations to come.


We are inviting you to play a vital role in this innovative approach to missional ministry. 


Your support of $50/month for one year OR $100/month for one year will help provide all that is needed to see our vision for 2021 become a reality.

Your prayers, encouragement, and financial support have been invaluable to this mission. We would not be where we are today without you. We are forever grateful.

Cast Member Church is a 501c3 organization, which means your financial support is tax-deductible.

Click on the image to read the complete Vision:2021 from Lead Pastor, Steven Barr.


Cast Member Church is not recognized, endorsed, or supported by The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries.


Cast Member Church is a member of The Evangelical Free Church of America and The Creo Collective.