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Cast Member Church has designed an experience that will forever transform how you see and do ministry.

We call them Table Conferences. They are for pastors, church leaders, ministry pioneers, Kingdom entrepreneurs, and their teams who recognize the need for shifts and pivots in the Church's modus operandi. 

We limit each Table Conference to a team of 8 participants. Instead of a big auditorium, your team will sit at the same table where over 1200 Disney Cast Members have encountered Jesus.

DAY ONE is spent with the leaders of Cast Member Church as they share with you the "lessons learned" from their ministry experiences in the most influential enterprise in the world. 

DAY TWO, you and your team will be led through a Disney Park, allowing you to interact with Cast Members using the key principles developed in Cast Member Church. You also might find yourself on a ride or two, or even three.

DAY THREE, your team will return to our table and process all you experienced from the two previous days. You will work through a set of "next steps," providing a pathway for applying all you have learned to your unique context.

Because our Table Conferences are intentionally small, we offer them several times a year.

If you want to learn more,
let us know, and we will send you more details.
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