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Cast Member Church has designed a unique experience that can transform how you see the world around you and the potential Kingdom influence you could have.

And it all happens in the heart of Walt Disney World.
We call these experiences Table Conferences. They are designed for pastors, church leaders, ministry pioneers, Kingdom entrepreneurs, and forward-thinkers who want to become—and empower those they lead to become—Kingdom influencers in a skeptical and suspicious world. 
Each Table Conference is limited to eight participants. Instead of an impersonal auditorium, you will be in surroundings that are intimate, innovative, and, best of all, interactive.
What can you expect?

DAY ONE: Arrive in Orlando in the morning, check into your hotel, and then spend an afternoon at a dining room table with the leaders of Cast Member Church as they get to know you and your ministry context and then provide you with applicable "lessons learned" from their ministry experiences amid the most influential entertainment enterprise in the world. Because it takes place at a table, you are encouraged to engage, ask questions, and explore each theme on a deeper level. As we bring the afternoon to a close, you have the option of joining us for dinner somewhere on Disney property.
DAY TWO: You and your fellow participants are guided through EPCOT in Walt Disney World, experiencing and applying the fundamental principles you are learning along the way. You are treated to a relaxing sit-down lunch at an EPCOT restaurant where you can unwind and process for a while. After lunch, you'll continue around the park to learn even more. After a full day of training, you are welcome to enjoy the rest of your evening in the park on your own.
DAY THREE: Your team returns to the table to process all you have learned from the two previous days. You develop a set of "next steps," providing a clear pathway for applying all you learned to your unique context. We wrap it all up in time for you to catch an afternoon flight. We even provide a takeaway meal for your journey home.
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Our Table Conferences provide the latest in our ministry innovations, which will encourage and inspire you—no matter where you are currently in your ministry. Most importantly, you will begin applying all you've learned even before your plane leaves Orlando International Airport.   And not only can you share what you have learned with others in your context back home, but you will also have your own stories and examples of how you have already put your three days into practice. 

Because our Table Conferences are intentionally small, we can offer them multiple times a year. Below, you will see the wide variety of training themes we are able to cover. Of course, culture is constantly shifting, and we are always learning new things. This is why we continually fine-tune and add to our repertoire of content and experiences.

Let us know if you would like to learn more; we will gladly
 send you more details.
A Breath of Fresh Air
God Conversations
Kingdom Mischief
Kingdom Influence
Life Beyond Imagination
Planting Jesus
Spaces and Orbits
Forming microChuches
The Sacred Work of Relationship
Backstage Pass
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