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Energy Flows Where Focus Goes

Have you ever noticed when you're driving your car, if you look to the left or right side of a highway, your car will begin to drift in that direction? Don't try it. Just trust me; it's true.

Whatever attracts your attention will determine your thought process and even your course of action.

If you focus on your doubts, you will live stuck.

If you focus on your fears, you will live in hiding.

If you focus on your regrets, you will live in the past.

But if you give your attention to Jesus, your doubts, fears, and regrets will lose their grip on you. Every day can be a new adventure.

Will it be scary at times? Yes.

Will you stumble? Absolutely.

But Jesus will give you something you’ve never had. The Bible calls it “peace that passes understanding.” In essence, when every one else is freaking out about...whatever, YOU can be calm, cool, and collected. You can be assured that no matter what is happening, the Creator of the universe has you in His hands, purposed and protected. You can have the freedom and the joy to move forward into the unknown, because God (who is ALL-knowing) is already there.

This why the statement, “Fear not” appears throughout the Bible 365 times (more than any other command).

Energy flows where focus goes.

Today, you can choose to seize the day, or let the day seize you.

If you focus on Jesus everyday, little by little, your doubts, fears, and regrets will become distant echoes. And the cheers of Heaven will surround you every step of the way.

And if you're driving, it's still a good idea to keep your eyes on the center of the road.


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