We are thrilled to welcome back the College Program to Walt Disney World

During the program's hiatus, we began developing a one-year leadership development process for Cast Members who would be part of the College Program when it returned. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have created space for 18 select Cast Members (CPs) to join us––beginning January 2022––on this innovative journey of practical discipleship.

While working for Disney, you will be part of a close family of Cast Members, who see their roles as more than creating magic but also having a vibrant Kingdom Influence in the lives of those around them.


In one year:

Your character and competencies in Christ will deepen and expand like never before.

You will discover how God has uniquely wired you to be a light in this world.

You will learn how to reveal Jesus to others in natural and unforced ways, i.e. not weird.

You will thrive in friendships with those who are skeptical and suspicious of anything religious.

You will become a healthy disciplemaker and multiplier for the rest of your life.

Your adventure can begin by filling out the interest form below.

Working for Disney can be a life-changing experience. Becoming a Kingdom Influencer in the process will allow Jesus to work in you and through you in ways that are beyond anything you've ever thought possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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