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GOD: What we believe

God is bigger than you think:  The first thing to say is that God is much ‘bigger’ than us in every sense. So we can never fully describe Him or understand Him. It would be like a slug trying to understand Einstein’s theories to expect us to understand God.  We do know something about God, but we are dependent on Him, revealing Himself to us. He has done that through the Bible and through His Son, Jesus.


God is a living, personal Spirit:  He is not an impersonal force, but a living being who acts (Psalm 115:3-7).  God is personal with His own characteristics. He is Spirit, who exists apart from this world and is above and beyond it.


God is three distinct persons in one:  Mysteriously but wonderfully, God is Trinity – Father, Son, and Spirit. He is three-in-one. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinguishable persons within the Trinity and have different functions, yet they are perfectly united in the being of God. It is true in God’s case that 1 + 1 + 1 = One.


At the heart of the Trinity is love. God is entirely self-fulfilled as a person. He didn’t create us because he was lonely or needy in any sense. No, he created out of his generosity and kindness.


God is perfect:  Some things about God only apply to him, other aspects of God we share in as beings who were created in his image.  God is glorious, majestic perfection, and utterly different to us in this way. He is infinite, without beginning or end, or any limitation at all. He is self-existent, not dependent on anyone for anything. He is consistent and unchanging, so He always remains dependably the same as he relates to us.


God is sovereign:  He rules over all and is the final cause of all that happens in his universe. He is everywhere and knows everything.


God is holy:  He is utterly pure and perfect and, therefore utterly against evil, deceit, injustice, and wrong-doing. Because God is perfectly righteous, He judges and punishes all that is wrong.


God is good:  He is loving, merciful, and compassionate.


God is revealed in Jesus:  Jesus, the Son of God, reveals God to us perfectly.


God is love:  In him, we see compassion as he cares for the lost and needy. We also see his anger against hypocrisy and false religion. We see in Jesus' death the very moment when God’s justice against wrongdoing meets God’s mercy for those who need forgiveness.


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