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Steven has passionately led Cast Member Church from its inception. With 30 years of pastoral leadership in his rearview mirror, He is a recognized cultural futurist and creative communicator for churches and organizations worldwide. Spend less than five minutes with him, and you'll already be inspired to jump into the uncharted frontiers of some adventure.

Steven is the author of such titles as KINGDOM INFLUENCE:  Three Proven Keys to Revealing Jesus in a Skeptical and Suspicious World and A GUIDE TO A LIFE BEYOND IMAGINATION (both available on Amazon). He is currently working on a series of "micro books" called "THE CHURCH REIMAGINED SERIES" that will unpack various themes pertinent to the future health of the Church. The series will be available for download on this website later in 2023.

Steven and Lucia have two adult children (both Disney Cast Members) and split their time living between Orlando, Florida, and Paris, France.

INTERESTING FACT: Steven is bi-lingual (working on his third language, French). He has written several songs which are sung in most Spanish-speaking churches around the world. 

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