Imagine a group of Cast Members from vastly different backgrounds coming together to enjoy a nice meal, meaningful conversations, and sharing stories of desires, dreams, and even disappointments that have happened along the way.


On the first Sunday of every month--after the parks have closed--we host a late-night dinner (10:00 PM-12:30 AM). We enjoy some delicious food and share what's been happening in each others' lives. After dinner, Steven introduces a topic for the evening with one of his encouraging "micro-talks." As we pour the after-dinner cuppa tea or coffee, we open the topic up to thoughts, wonderings, and questions.


We listen intently to what each other has to say. Over the course of the evening, we learn a lot about those around us, and even more about ourselves.


LATE NIGHT is a relaxed, safe, and judgment-free environment where you can be honest about the stuff of life, faith, and purpose. Whether you consider yourself to be religious, non-religious, or of no opinion, you'll have a great time. 


We meet in Steven and Lucia Barr's home (about 5 minutes behind Magic Kingdom). We can even arrange a ride from (and back to) Westclock if you need one.

You are welcome to come early and help with the cooking if you like. There's always something fun happening in the kitchen.


Connect with us if you would like to join in, and we will provide you with directions and more details.


"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - Hamlet