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Are you frustrated by the growing disconnect between the Church and the broken and hurting world?

Do you have a Kingdom vision that doesn't fit the mold or expectations of a "normal" ministry or church?

Are you weary of big conferences and consultants promising the next great thing?

Cast Member Church offers 12-week online cohorts for those who recognize the need for shifts and pivots in the Church's modus operandi. We design these cohorts to empower you to expand your Kingdom Influence from the outset of your journey.

◆Hear stories and learn key principles from one of today's most innovative churches.
◆De-clutter your mission and focus on what matters to make a tangible difference in your world.
◆Discover proven tools that help build credible bridges to your mission field.
◆Brainstorm ideas and apply all you learn to your unique calling and context.
◆Design a simple yet effective plan (with action steps) to implement your unique ministry.
◆Be part of a community that challenges and cheers for you on every step of your journey.

Our process is not simply to give you information. We have created a vehicle to enable you to practice a new and innovative way to live the Gospel, make disciples, and be salt and light in a world that is indifferent to Jesus. And you'll be able to inspire others how to do the same. 

The next round of cohorts begins in early September. Participation is $1200 per person. All proceeds go directly to our multiplication endeavors in Europe and Asia. So, as you learn to expand your Kingdom Influence, you will be helping us to do the same around the world.

Contact us if you are interested or would like to reserve your spot, and we will set you up immediately.
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