Kingdom Influence Two-Day microConference

Book Release in Spring 2021

"We have turned evangelism into something Jesus never intended. He didn't see it as something that could only be done by a few gifted followers. It is the call of every believer. Revealing Jesus to others doesn't have to be complicated. Our simple process of EXPRESSING VALUE, BUILDING TRUST, and OFFERING HOPE is drawing people all over the world to Jesus."

- Steven L. Barr

We are launching a micro-conference that will revolutionize your church for generations to come. It's called "KINGDOM INFLUENCE." It's a one-day gathering with Steven Barr, learning how to empower everyday followers of Jesus to represent Jesus in their context.


Imagine every disciple in your church, reaching those who would never enter the doors of your building. Starbucks, the gym, a soccer league, the local pub, a school cafeteria, and countless other environments can become extensions of Jesus' Kingdom all over your city... and beyond. 


In one day, Steven and leaders from Cast Member Church will mentor you through the process of inspiring, developing, and releasing the members of your Church to live out three simple keys that will unlock and release unprecedented Kingdom Influence into their everyday world. You will see how Cast Member Church engages with those who work in the Disney culture and learn how to apply these experiences to your context. You can be assured that you and your Church will find movement, gather momentum, and see multiplication, shortly after you begin implementing what you learn with us.

This microConference is limited to eight people to provide a quality learning environment.

We are happy to tell you more about the upcoming dates, cost, and more details.

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Cast Member Church is a member of The Evangelical Free Church of America and The Creo Collective.