Starting a new role in a Disney Park is exciting and scary. If you are already a follower of Jesus, you're looking for a Christian community with which to connect. We are happy you're exploring CMC, and we hope you'll find encouragement as you look around.


You may have already noticed that we are not like any church you've experienced before. We have a laser-focused mission, and everything we do is rooted in that mission:

Cast Member Church is dedicated to building bridges to a skeptical and suspicious generation of Cast Members. In essence, we exist for Cast Members who have yet to meet Jesus. Our vision, values, and vocabulary are designed with them in mind.


What Jesus is doing in and through Cast Member Church is continually moving us into new and unexplored territory. We are always improvising and adapting. This unpredictability can be disconcerting for those with a normal church background; especially for those who are simply looking for a weekly worship service or Bible study, neither of which we offer


For us, it's a matter of being faithful to the unique call God has given to Cast Member Church:

● To encourage and challenge you to become a disciplemaker in your context at Disney.

● To provide tools and mentoring that will help you expand your Kingdom Influence among your fellow CMs.

● To empower you to launch, lead, and multiply your own Cast Member CommuniD (virtual or local).

That said, Cast Member Church could be for you: 

◆ If you have a passion for those who have no idea who Jesus is.
◆ If you see your Kingdom calling as more significant than your Disney role.
◆ If you are planning on working in a Disney Park for more than one year.

Whether you become a part of Cast Member Church or not, we encourage you to prayerfully seek God's will and wisdom every day as you work for The Walt Disney Company. Your words and actions will be how others around you see Jesus. The world will be watching, and you'll have an opportunity to reflect His love, truth, and compassion

So seize that opportunity and shine in all you say and do!